How to do SEO for eCommerce Product Pages

·Mar 18, 2022·

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How to do SEO for eCommerce Product Pages

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Table of contents

URL Optimization

  • It’s easier for search engines to understand
  • It’s easier for users to understand
  • It’s useful for readability purposes, especially in cases when you post a URL of your products in a forum or a comment.

Product Title Optimization

  • Titles should combine details about the product and keywords that people use in searching for a particular product, in 60 characters or less.
  • Don’t need to repeat ur domain name in the product title, Google does this automatically.

Product page H1 Tag

  • Avoid placing text in heading tags that wouldn't be helpful in defining the structure of the page
  • Use heading tags where it makes sense.
  • Too many heading tags on a page can make it hard for users to scan the content.

Meta Description Optimization

  • Provide a unique description for every page of ur website, and that includes product pages.
  • Write descriptions that accurately describe the page content in 160 characters or less.
  • A description needs to include the product name & keywords.
  • You can add benefits like free shipping and returns, money-back guarantee, and additional information that can differentiate your snippet entry from the rest.

Optimize Your Breadcrumb Menu

  • Breadcrumb menus are essential for user-friendliness and the usability aspect of an eCommerce website.
  • It can contribute to higher CTRs (click-through rates), because they enhance the presentation of your snippet in the SERPS.
  • To take advantage of this, breadcrumbs need to have the proper structure data (schema) so that Google can understand them.

Product Description Optimization

- Unique Content: Every product of your shop needs to have a unique description and not the same description as another product within your shop.

- Content length: There is no golden rule as to the number of words your product description should be, but it is proven that long-form content ranks higher in Google, and is shared more frequently in social media.

  • Look at any product on Amazon. They have a ton of content related to product usage, product short and long description, customer reviews, Q & A related to the product and a lot of other useful information.

  • Amazon is not doing this for SEO purposes, but because it helps users to make a purchase decision.

  • You can follow the same pattern as amazon, i.e., have a short description above the fold and a long description below the page.

- Content Optimization: The best way to do this is to go back to the results of your keyword research and make a list of keywords that are related to the specific product.

  • Use those keywords in your headings and text naturally without doing keyword stuffing.

Image Optimization

  • Avoid the use of bad stock images – using images that are not of good quality can drive customers away.
  • Using the real photo of your product
  • Use meaningful file names because

It's easier for you to manage the (possibly) hundreds of images in your store. When other websites use a URL to one of your images, it will be meaningful. You increase your chances of ranking in Google image search.

Videos Optimization:

  • Don't upload videos directly on ur server, instead use a dedicated video hosting service like Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Wrap your videos with Video Schema markup
  • Create a video sitemap and submit to Google.

Product Schema Markup:

  • It’s a great way to help search engines understand more about your product.
  • It’s another way to enhance your snippet in the SERPS and get a higher CTR

Open Graph meta tags:

Open Graph meta tags will not help you with SEO as they don’t have any direct or indirect effect on rankings. Still, they are essential for the proper representation of your #brand and products on #socialmedia.

Product Reviews And Ratings

It is statistically proven that users are more likely to convert if they see other people converting.

Product pages with real, positive reviews are more likely to have higher conversion rates than product pages with no reviews.

Add Star Ratings and total reviews below your product title

Make sure that ur product reviews are on the same page as ur products

Have the latest reviews shown first

Try to provide as much information as possible of the reviewer. [real picture, name to accompany the review.

👉Product review schema

To take advantage of product reviews and improve your presence in Search (or AdWords Ads), you need to have the product review schema implemented.

👉Third-Party Reviews

Depending on your business, there are review systems dedicated to specific kinds of products.

👉Here is a list of the most popular review systems you can use.

  • Google Customer Reviews
  • Google My Business Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • BBB Reviews
  • Feefo
  • Trustpilot
  • Yotpo
  • BizRate


Giving users cross-selling options besides assisting in generating more sales, it’s also a great way to add internal links for your product pages.

Each product, add sections that display matching products or what other people have purchased that is related to the viewed product.

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